Curt Keefer


Curt Keefer


Curt has been involved in the construction industry for 12+ years as a Commercial Project Manager, V.P. of Commercial Construction, Partner and most recently Co-Owner of a very successful construction company based in Southeast Pennsylvania.

Prior to Curt moving into the construction industry, he worked for a number of Fortune 500 companies. Most prominently Curt was responsible for the largest fleet of Waste Management trucks on the east coast as a Fleet Manger. As the site manager, Curt was on the ground floor of the fleet’s conversion to the first fleet of CNG trucks. This involved oversite on the excavation and development of the CNG distribution system for the fleet.

This position afforded Curt the opportunity to work for Ransom Caterpillar as a Service Manager which eventually led to a promotion to General Service Manager at the company headquarters in Bensalem, PA.

Curt has been responsible for a large facet of responsibilities during his career. Some of these include growing profits through 5S programs for Fortune 500 companies, providing top tier customer service, personally managing the finances for his own company, overseeing large construction projects from start to finish, as well as several other items that have developed his business skills.