Brian Stevenson

Managing Consultant

Brian Stevenson


Bryan serves as Managing Consultant for SS Group USA, connecting utility companies, government, municipalities, contractors and trade associations in the electric power and telecom industries with SS Group’s innovative utility products.

He also serves as Principal for Stevenson Advocacy, providing strategic counsel and representation for businesses and trade organizations. In his accomplished career, Brian has launched products and services for companies in India, Ireland, the US, Canada, and Mexico. His work spans across the energy,, electrical, telecommunications, manufacturing, supplements, tech, food and beverage, and the health and wellness sectors.

Brian has an impressive career, with over 25 years in the electrical and telecommunications sectors. His diverse experience covers labor, business, and politics; including managing the telecommunications division for a global security and aerospace corporation.

With a passion for public service and community building, Brian is a veteran of the US Marine Corps. His extensive experience and commitment to making a positive societal impact reflects in everything he does.